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FAQ with Lillian

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: We work with some of the finest retailers in the Western United States, and we're probably in a store near you. Take a look at our stores page to find us.

Q: Are your turkeys and chickens free range?

A: We don't believe in doing it any other way. All of our birds are free to roam, vegetarian fed with food & water available at all times.

Q: Are your turkeys and chickens raised with antibiotics, hormones or additives?

A: Absolutely not! We stand by our 100% CARE guarantee.

Q: Do you provide organic options?

A: Yes we offer Certifed Organic options.

Q: How do you cook a turkey?

A: Here's my classic preparation for you to follow:

First take your turkey out of the bag, and wash with cool water inside and out. Then add your favorite seasonings to the entire bird including the cavity and under the skin.

I like to add garlic to my turkey and I do that in the cavity and under the skin. I then place an onion, orange, lemon, and more garlic in the cavity.

Cook your Zacky Farms turkey at a temperature of 325°F breast side down on a V rack for 15 minutes to the pound. It is wise to use a thermometer, and when the temperature reaches 165°F your turkey is done.

Remove your turkey from the oven, and completely encase it in foil for twenty minutes, and it will continue to marinate in it’s own juices.

Q: How do I cook a chicken?

A: Season your chicken inside and out, and place on a V rack in a 325°F oven, at 15 minutes to the pound.

Q: Where do you raise your chickens and turkeys?

A: Our chickens and turkeys are raised in the San Joaquin Valley area of California, with plenty of well water, and food available to them at all times.

Q: Do I cook my turkey or chicken breast side up or down?

A: It is best to cook your chicken or turkey breast side down, because all the breast portion of the bird cooks faster than any other part. This way the juices continue to flow into the breast.

Q: How many minutes to the pound do I cook a turkey?

A: You cook a turkey at 325°F for 15 minutes to the pound.

Q: Are your turkey and chicken franks fully cooked?

A: Yes they are, but I always boil them for taste.

Q: How many minutes do I cook a turkey breast?

A: You cook a Zacky Farms turkey breast at 325°F meat side down, for 15 minutes to the pound.

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