We Do This Work With Devotion And Kindness.

Our Story


The Zacky Family has always promised that we will produce the finest quality chicken and turkey you have ever brought to your table.

This fact has proven to be true every time you purchase Zacky Farms. The reason for that is we have never changed our values.

One important reason: we feed our birds a vegetarian diet consisting mainly of good golden corn. They are allowed to roam freely with food, along with water from our own wells available to them at all times.

From those first days in 1928, when my father-in-law Sam started Zacky Farms and took his truck to valley farmers, brought back fresh Zacky Farms natural chickens and turkeys to what was then called Sam's Poultry Market, we have continued to bring you the best quality of poultry you can buy.

I always say we are "Second to None".

Lillian Zacky

California Fresh since 1928.

Four generations of our family have dedicated their life’s work and passion to doing this- to running Zacky Farms- because we love the work we do and care about the way we do it.

Now, I’m making a renewed commitment to you to continue our long-standing and inspiring approach to our family business.

We work closely with small, local, family-run ranches and California Fresh farms, with which we share the same passion and the same mindful approach. This is how we’ve always done things at Zacky, even while we continue to rank among the largest turkey businesses in the U.S.

Quality is at the heart of what we do.

Our products are prepared fresh in the evening and often, they are in the case at your favorite store the very next morning. From farm to store to table, our commitment to 100% CARE remains our highest priority.

It is my hope that under my guidance, Zacky Farms will continue its tradition of quality and excellence, with our goal to pave a way for generations of our responsible turkey business.

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The Early Years


The extraordinary success story of Zacky Farms began in Kiev, Russia in 1897 with the birth of Samuel Zacky.

Sam’s family immigrated to the United States in 1908, eventually settling in Los Angeles. He entered the poultry business in 1928.

When he opened Sam’s Poultry Market in Los Angeles. Sam bought live chickens from local farms in the San Fernando Valley daily, and would sell them to the public in his store.

He would also buy turkeys before the Thanksgiving holiday. The customer would go to the market and pick out the turkey they wanted for their Thanksgiving dinner. He would process it for them right there and then.

Sam and his wife Esther raised three sons: Harry, Al and Bob. The boys got their first love of the poultry business by helping out on their Van Nuys ranch. After finishing their schooling, the boys began working in their father’s store and eventually joined the family business, which moved from retail to a wholesale enterprise.

1950’s & 60’s – Passing the Torch

In 1955, Zacky Farms incorporated, signaling the start of its rise to becoming a leader in the California poultry industry.

Samuel Zacky remained active in the company until he passed away in 1964. Following in Sam’s footsteps, Al and Bob assumed the total management of Zacky Farms.

Realizing the need for a steady supply of quality birds for a processing plant, which had been established in South El Monte, Zacky Farms began building their own ranches and hatchery in the 1960’s.


1970’s & 80’s – The Expansion Years

In 1971, Al and Bob made their boldest move yet, with the purchase of Balfour Guthrie assets in California.

In 1984, the company acquired the turkey assets of Swift & Company, including a processing facility, cold storage and packaging building, a hatchery, and ranches also in the Fresno area.

Even though Zacky Farms always sold turkeys this allowed them to enlarge and prosper in that end of the poultry business.

To continue the growth and provide additional marketing opportunities for the growing turkey market, Zacky Farms purchased Poppy Foods Company in 1985 and entered in a much broader way the further processed poultry market.

These expansions led to Zacky Farms being a fully integrated turkey and chicken company with breeder ranches, hatcheries, grow out ranches, processing, feed mill, sales and distribution networks.

1990’s – The Modernization of Zacky Farms

In late 1994, a new further processing facility was acquired from Safeway in Stockton to replace the Poppy plant in Dinuba.

This state of the art facility allowed Zacky Farm to continue its full ability to produce quality cooked and further processed products for an ever-growing demand.

Added growth to the turkey complex occurred from 1995 through1997 with the major renovation of the turkey processing plant and the addition of freezer space to handle over fourteen million pounds of product.

2000’s – Transformative Time for Zacky Farms

In October 2001, a family decision was made to sell the chicken business and focus on growing the turkey business.

Introduction of turkey tray pack in 2001 gave Zacky Farms a case-ready brand of distinction in the turkey industry.

A complete line of more than 20 varieties of fresh boneless, skinless, bone-in as well as ground turkey products provided convenient repeat-purchase items for consumers.

Our franks, deli meat and foodservice lines provided limitless possibilities for snacks, wholesome, gourmet sandwiches and for center-of- the plate applications.

Present – The Resurgence of Zacky Farms

In 2013, Zacky Farms re-entered the chicken market with the brand LillianZ.

That wasn’t all. There has been a lot of thought and effort in bringing these products to you.

We are now Vegetarian Fed, Antibiotic Free, Free Range, with food and water available to our chickens and turkeys at all times. We are all-natural, and have received many commendations for the quality of our chickens and turkeys.

Zacky Farms has grown from a small, family-run retail business to a completely integrated poultry operation.

As a completely integrated grower, processor, distributor and wholesaler, Zacky Farms continues to rank among the largest turkey businesses in the U.S.

Throughout the years, Zacky Farms has been a consistent supplier of quality products and has established consumer awareness that associates the name of Zacky Farms with quality and excellence.

Zacky Farms is as fresh as you can get!


Zacky Farms is committed to the well-being and comfort of the chickens and turkeys in our care. High emphasis is placed on animal welfare training programs for the education of our employees and growers. Our animal welfare training is unique to Zacky Farms and is based on exceeding the birds’ needs for overall care and good health. Animal welfare practices are enforced with all employees and growers to ensure the welfare of the birds in our care.

Since 2008, third party animal welfare certification audits have been performed annually by a licensed veterinarian certified by Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO). All audits are based on standards set forth by the National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation.

Our flocks are California raised in open sided houses that allows for natural lighting. Flocks have additional space to roam and exhibit natural behavior with the advantage of indoor and outdoor passage at their choosing. All flocks have continuous access to water that is provided from our wells and fresh feed. The feed for our flocks is carefully formulated for each stage of life by a certified PhD poultry nutritionist.

Zacky and Sons poultry is continuously striving to meet and exceed all animal welfare practices.