How to cook a bone-in turkey breast?


We purchased a Zacky’s 8+ lb. bone-in turkey breast.  What method should we use to ensure a moist result?  My daughter has an oven with convection and/or bake settings.  Is one better than the other and what temperature would we use for each? She says her oven cooks fast and we are afraid of overcooking.  Thanks for your advise!


Hello and Thank you for your intelligent question.


You have really come to the right place because I too roast my turkey in an oven that can be convection or standard baking as well.   I opt for the convection setting because it is true to it’s reputation.  The oven does cook faster and the result is a beautiful brown turkey.


The rule is to cook your turkey at a temperature of 325 degrees, along with 15 minutes to the pound.   My last turkey was 18 pounds, it was done in less than four hours.


I kept basting it and used a meat thermometer…. when the temperature reached 165 degrees I took it out of the oven, let it rest for 20 minutes….. and carved it.


Best Dishes,


Lillian Zacky