Organic Turkey


I recently heard that Zacky Farms is now a certified grower/seller of Organic Turkey.  What does Organic mean and why is Organic Turkey better for my family?


In the case of Zacky Farms, we have been using the guidelines for a natural turkey for many years….. That means, NO hormones, NO antibiotics… commonly known as ABF,  { Antibiotic Free}.  There never have been preservatives in any Zacky Farms turkey…..from day one.  We feed our turkeys’ good golden corn, fresh water from our own wells, along with other natural vegetarian grains.


Now to explain Organic:   That is the most recent task we have taken on to bring you and your family, a Certified Organic Turkey.  Even though we have always raised our turkeys FREE RANGE, now we have bragging rights.   Even though we have been feeding our birds a healthy Vegetarian Feed, our Certified Organic birds now have a special Organic Feed.   Even though we have given our birds more space to roam, we now can be proud they are Certified to do so.


I must add other producers from other states across the US, cannot boast that their birds are Free Range.  They do not emphasize the facts.  We have the luxury of producing Free Range Turkeys through all the Seasons of the year.  Turkeys from other states must never see the beautiful fresh air all year long, because of the cold and bitter winter.


We of the Zacky Farms family are proud that we can now sell a Certified Organic Turkey to you, and we passed all the Organic regulations and audits with flying colors.


Please if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact me,

Lillian Zacky