What is the best way to cook a turkey to guarantee extra moist meat?


I’ve heard varying methods and length of time required to make sure my turkey meat is super juicy and moist. Can you recommend the best methods you have found to make sure I don’t have a dry bird on Thanksgiving.



Preheat the oven to 325 degrees, place the turkey BREAST SIDE DOWN, on a V rack in the oven for fifteen minutes to the pound.  This is done because the breast portion of the turkey cooks faster than any other part.  Therefore, the juices continue to flow into the breast of the turkey keeping it from drying out.  You will find the bird to be prettier and well browned, if you turn it over the last hour of roasting.  At the end of roasting in ensure your bird is done… place a thermometer between the wing and breast portion.  If the thermometer reads 165 degrees your bird is done.