What is the best way to prep/cook my turkey to ensure super juicy meat?


I’ve heard of numerous methods to prep/cook my turkey to guarantee the juiciest meat possible, but was wondering what methods you recommend to have super moist turkey this Thanksgiving.


I have never had a dry turkey for Thanksgiving yet….. That may be due to the fact you are starting with a Zacky Farms turkey to begin with…..

When preparing the turkey beforehand I stuff the bird with onion, orange cut up, apple, and the most important garlic under the skin all over the turkey.

The National Turkey Federation recommends you cook the turkey to 180 degrees.  I disagree, and stop roasting the turkey when the thermometer, reaches 165 degrees.  The reason for this, the turkey continues to cook when you take it out of the oven, therefore at 180 degrees you are going to serve an over cooked turkey resulting in a dry turkey.